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2018 Parade of Nations Media and Biography Page


1. Grandview Clydesdales – current American World Champion hitch. On the left lead-Earth Right Lead- Jagger Left Wheel- Rocky Right Wheel- Sting, driven by Shannon and Karen Cobbs. Do NOT miss the Grandview Invitational February 1-3 2019 at the Florida Horse Park. Florida’s ONLY Draft Horse  Show. Contact Karen Cobbs at FreshFuel@gmail.com
2. Percheron- Tiny Prince Charming is a 12 year old gelding and is driven by Kimie Carp from Horse Country Carriage Tours Call Carriage Kimie at 352-727-0900 to book your tour. www.HCCCandT.com
3. Haflingers – A 4 horse draft hitch with 3 mares and 1 gelding. On the left lead- Final Challenge Right Lead- Beauty Left Wheel- Wini Right Wheel - Nate with Dave and Phyllis Brugger 
4 .Percherons – Mike and Mark are 11 and 12 year old Percheron geldings, being driven by Dwight Hughes and assisted by Kelly Lamb pulling a German made, air suspension buggy

Individual Equine Breeds

5.  American Morgan - 24 year old Forever Spring Wild Willow belonging to Claudia and Bill Parkhurst from Forever Spring Farm.

6. American Paint Horse  - Rugged Painted Lark, known as Bruce with world renowned trainer, owner and rider Lynn Palm. Bruce is the ONLY tobiano son of the AQHA Hall of Fame stallion, Rugged Lark who was also bred and raised in Ocala.

7. American Quarter Horse – a registered Impressive Benny Boy, whose stable name is ROCKY - a 12 year old palomino gelding with owner Poppy Moe.

8. Andalusian - a 10 year old pure Spanish Andalusian mare named Susannah, owned and ridden by her amateur owner Marti Amon

9. Appaloosa – Bobbi is a 17 year old Appaloosa with Sonia Haught from the Got To Do Ranch Ocala.

10. Arabians -  Gold Rush, an 8 year old Half-Arabian gelding and second is Goldd Standard aka Digger, a 7 year old Half-Arabian Half Saddlebred/Dutch Harness gelding owned by Renee and Morgan Pelzman of Holly Hill Farms, Ocala.

11. Clydesdale – Fran is 15 years old and owned by Dori Morgan of Farm Credit of Florida and Hyatt Farm

12. Dales Ponies – Malhalmadale Jupiter “Jove”. UK and Sowermire Carol (UK) in foal to Envoi De Kingmaker “Ziggy” (France) with owners Catherine York and Rob Costello from Elysium Fields Farm

13. Dartmoor Pony - Tulip Kings Koosdora or Koozi is 3 years old with Art Ferrell

14. Drum - The colorful long maned horse is Sequin an imported Drum Horse mare owned by Sarah Hollis of Tintagel Fine A.R.T. Horses in Ocala.  

15. Gypsy Vanners – BB King, America’s first solid colored Gypsy Vanner horse  with Dennis Thompson and Erin Patricia Mahoney from Gypsy Gold Farm Tours #1 on Trip Advisor. Also, Paulette Stoudt riding her 10 year old Gypsy Vanner from Wild Heart Stable.    

16. Icelandic – Bo a 14 year old pinto gelding with Patty Ferrell

17. Lusitano –Farao HRB an 8 year old and Indicado EC a 6 year old black stallion

18. Mangalarga Marchadors of Marchadors In Motion, owned by Brooke Little, and the C&C Bellandi Marchadors of Oak Bell Farm.

 19. Miniature Horse – Honey, the Miniature Service Horse with Jessica Wellman and Stephanie Roberts of Procyon Training  

20. Missouri Foxtrotter – from the Woodward Fox Trotter Farm-That Golden Girl (palomino mare daughter of the famous sire Black Cloud) and Bolero I (multiple Reserve World Grand Champion chestnut gelding son of the sire Jester’s Lucky Charm)

21. Mustang - Ella is a six-year-old Mustang mare, owned by Marc and Valerie Stalvey  

22.  Norwegian Fjord – Devon is a 30-year-old Norwegian Fjord gelding owned by Margy Cox

23.  Paso Finos - Cadoc (cad-dick) Dell Amore is a 9-year-old Paso Fino Gelding owned by Marc and Valerie Stalvey. Also from Sociagro Farm, Isabella GÓMEZ riding the mare Gocetona de Villaparaiso and Micaela GÓMEZ with her stallion Triunfador, a Colombian Triocha and Collected Galope 

24. Percheron - Magnolia Lane's Theodore is a 14 year old Grey Percheron Gelding with owner Laurie Brennan  

25. Peruvian Paso - ERB Magnifico a Peruvian stallion with his owner Carole Fletcher

26. Rocky Mountain - Rockets Hollywood is 12 years old  

27.  Shire – Sterling Shire Misty Magnolia is a 16-year-old 16.1H Registered Grey Shire mare and Liberty’s Freedom is a 7-year-old 16.2H Black/White Registered Shire mare.

28.  Singlefooter a 12 year old gelding owned by Rachel Boley  

29. Tennessee Walker –Sandy Cheeks is 13 years old. Originally used as all-purpose horses on farms and plantations, Tennessee Walkers were used for riding, pulling and racing. They were known for their smooth gaits and sure-footedness on the rocky Tennessee terrain. Known for their versatility, whether it be on the trail or in the ring a TWH is a confident partner for any rider.

30. Thoroughbred – Sherry’s Miracle raced four times and has been rehabbing for the last year and a half He is sound and happy and on to his second career.

31. Welsh Pony- a registered section B Welsh pony Cyflaith Foxtrot AKA Mr. Toffee. Last but definitely not least in our Parade of Breeds is the Welsh pony-  His name is Cyflaith Foxtrot AKA Mr. Toffee. Cyflaith is the Welsh word for toffee, very fitting as his Dam is named Sticky Taffy. Foxtrot after his Grand Sire Champion Otteridge Foxtrot. Mr. Toffee is a registered Section B. 6 year old Welsh pony. He was bred here at Welsh Hill Farm, now proudly owned by Emily & Eva Alcorn. Mr. Toffee has shown in Dressage, Hunters, & 4-H for the last three years and has shown himself right from the very beginning to be a fine example of the Welsh breed


Grande Finale

The Famous World Renowned Budweiser Clydesdales – eight tons of champions…the beautifully matched eight horse hitch from Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

You will notice how effortlessly the driver handles the hitch.  He holds the four pair of reins laced through the fingers of each hand, giving him individual control of each horse.

Each pair of horses in the hitch has a specific job to perform as part of the team.  The front pair are called the “LEAD TEAM”, and are smaller and more active than the others because they have to cover the most territory in a turn and do it in the fastest time.  The second pair are the “SWING HORSES”.  They are slightly larger than the lead horses, but are just as agile and active because of the area they have to cover in making turns.  The third pair are called the “BODY HORSES”.  They again are slightly larger than the swing pair because they have to help pull more of the load.  The pair closest to the wagon are called the “WHEEL HORSES”.  They are the largest of the four pairs because they have to hold the wagon back while the other horses make the turn.  These horses enable the hitch to make a 90-degree turn.

The Clydesdales are extremely intelligent, beautifully mannered and trained to perfection.  They are also exceptionally gentle, despite the fact that they dwarf ordinary horses in size.

The average age of these Clydesdales is 4 to 9 years.  Their average height is 18 hands, or 6 feet at shoulder height.  Average weight of a Clydesdale is 2000 lbs.

Watch how the Clydesdales maneuver the wagon…they make it look like a toy.  Would you believe it weighs 3 ½ tons?

Each Clydesdale horse shoe is made from a piece of steel 22-inches long, 1 ½ inches wide, and weighs almost 4 pounds.

In case you’ve been thinking about getting your own Clydesdale Hitch, you might be interested to know that the harness alone costs well over $80,000.00. It is all handmade and decorated extensively with brass ornamentation.

When on the road, the Budweiser Clydesdales travel as a caravan in three tractor-trailers.  Each van is 45 ft. long, and 8 ft. wide.  In the two horse vans, all stalls face forward and are arranged so that the horses can’t be thrown off balance.  The third van is used to transport the huge brass-trimmed wagon, portable stalls and other necessary equipment.

The Dalmatian dog sitting on the wagon is the official mascot of the Hitch.  He goes everywhere the team goes, and that takes in about 30,000 miles a year.  His name is Clyde.

The Budweiser Clydesdales in all their glory.  Just the way your grandparents remember them….The CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS!!!!!